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If you have a project in mind, write to us. We will help you carry it out. All ideas are good, with the appropriate advice. Let us help you make a difference.

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Jose S. Rodriguez




Our services

Request a budget without commitment based on your needs.

Creation of Smart Contracts

Quieroganar works directly with the REMIX platform for the launch of new smart contracts. The networks we currently work with are: ETHEREUM, BINANCE and MATIC. Soon we will add new networks to our platform. Request your budget, tell us what you need and we will advise you under the network that best suits your project.

Personal Consulting

We have PERSONAL ADVICE for both COMPANIES and INDIVIDUALS. Have you ever required an expert to solve doubts? I want to win makes it easy for you. Within the coverage included in our advice you can find: Advice on Liquidity (creation, maintenance, practical cases), Advice on Private Sales, Advice on Presales, Advice on Investments, Use of programs, and much more. Do not stop moving forward and request your advice right now.

Auditorias & KYC

We offer an audit service for both Smart Contracts and physical companies. If you need to audit and provide greater security to your community, we will be happy to help you. In addition, our KYC service is one of the most innovative and secure that you can find on the net. A KYC guarantees users that the owners of a project act in good faith and provides greater trust.

Project Review and Marketing

We have a project review service. Through our YouTube channel we make a total review of your project creating public and easily accessible digital content. In addition, we have different marketing plans to raise your new project.


Advantages of Using Quieroganar Audits


Our experience in the Blockchain world will provide you with the security you need to advance your project.

Qualified staff

Quieroganar is made up of different departments with their corresponding specialists. You will always be in the best hands.

Service time

We work with each client dedicating the time they deserve. Each project is unique and different and therefore, takes your delicate attention.

Our Clients Endorse Us

Without a doubt, the best publicity comes from a satisfied customer. We will be doing something right because they always recommend us.

Protection and Security

We treat all jobs with the utmost confidentiality from start to finish. We work professional secrecy.


We verify contracts, web pages and companies in order to guarantee the greatest security to users.


We carry out KYC audits in order to guarantee projects with maximum security. Our KYC are unique in the market.


All our jobs include Marketing services. Publication on social networks, dissemination, video on YouTube channel, among others.

Property Acquisition

Acquire a property thanks to Blockchain technology

Accesos Premium

You will have access to incredible properties that would not otherwise be possible. Either acquiring the totality of the service or a portion of it.

Limited Collections

Collections will be limited depending on each release. Each project has its launch units.

Future Investment

A property is an investment for the future. We all know how difficult it is to buy a home today and the value that is always increasing.

Continuous Revaluation

Urban land such as rustic land is always in constant increase in value.

Invest with Quieroganar

Soon you will be able to acquire properties through Quieroganar using Blockchain technology.

The great demand in the market to include a cryptographic payment method in the purchase and sale of properties has led us to generate a great idea… a new approach to acquire the house of your dreams or, simply, invest in someone else’s dream and gain something in return.

We are proud to introduce this new method of buying and selling properties. One of the requirements to be able to participate will be to be a Hodler of Quieroganar Audits (token).

Security is NOT an option, it is an obligation

For us safety is paramount. It is vital and important to understand the essential aspects when investing.

Hundreds of projects are born every day and unfortunately, many of them end up being scams or failures due to lack of funding or means.

In our social networks you will find help to efficiently detect these problems and not fall into them. It is clear that cybercrime advances along with technology in giant steps, that is why Quieroganar is always updating its content.

We started as a small community on YouTube where we shared knowledge until we became, today, an important BlockChain entity.

Our objectives and our prestige obtained so far support us.


Lo que opinan de nosotros

Visit Our Scam Detection Center

Every week we go live with our community to view projects and find possible and potential scams.
When we find them, we acquire all the addresses and wallets of these projects and make them public in a free access list.

We recommend visiting this list, copy the address you want to check, hit search and find out. If it is on the list, it will put the reason and the date.

The fact that an address does not appear on the list DOES NOT PROVIDE TOTAL SECURITY. It might be a legitimate project, like a project we haven’t verified yet. Therefore, always, security, research and control before buying.


EVERYTHING YOU NEED in the same channel with a great community

You will find everything you need, from cryptocurrency video analysis, basic and essential tutorials and even practical tips.
In our channel we project all our works. Promotional videos, project analysis, channel audits, and much, much more.
Do not forget to subscribe and be part of the Community of Winners – «Quieroganar Audits Academy».




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