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Present a QUALITY KYC to your community

Quieroganar’s KYC is unique in the market. It tries to maintain the already created standard of conventional KYC by merging it with a guarantee to the consumer. Having a KYC of Quieroganar is to assure the community that the project is not a scam.


Trust is vital for all projects. Our team is constantly working on this aspect. Our KYCs integrate an authentic identity verification of the owners of a project. Thus guaranteeing the quality of the service.


Quieroganar issues a certificate once the requested KYC has been fulfilled. KYCs have different levels of security. The applicant project will be solely responsible for these levels. GOLD Level, Silver Level, Bronze Level and Unfavorable Certificate. Any of them will be public and a physical diploma will be sent to their holders.


Quieroganar guarantees the custody of all data maintained outside the network. Said data is and will be private under all the conditions of the KYC. They would only be made public in case of fraud or firm request of the relevant legal powers.

Businessman holding safe
Security certificate

Security guarantee for all users thanks to Quieroganar

Our commitment to safety is unwavering. We use all available resources to ensure that the users behind the projects comply with the legal aspects necessary for a cryptographic project and thus guarantee the users’ investments.

Active Certificates
Certificates in Progress

Confidentiality agreement

The data is stored securely on a pen drive outside the internet network, guaranteeing the information is unalterable.

Direct contact

We contact users directly, avoiding any strange contact. Ensuring data security.

Guaranteed Durability

Our certificates have a minimum duration of one year. Being these that have to be renewed by updating the pertinent data.


All data is kept under lock and key and will only be exposed if a scam is proven on the affected project.


Different levels of security that projects must meet

Our goal is always to have the greatest possible transparency. The projects that request a KYC in Quieroganar must submit certain documentation. Depending on the amount of contributions and types of documents provided, they will be classified within a type of KYC.


Duration of 1 years
$ 350 Single Payment
  • Duration of 1 years in the system


Duration of 3 years
$ 500 Single Payment
  • Duration of 2 years in the system

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