Token belonging to the project Quieroganar Audits. QG enters a world full of possibilities to show us that everything is possible, with perspective, work and perseverance. Among the advantages of QG holders, without a doubt, is their access to marketing plans, creation of smart contracts, premium access to private sales, access to real estate sales and many things that are yet to come.


About Us

Quieroganar is much more than a cryptographic project. Among all its services we can find its YouTube Channel «I want to win Audits» where you can learn dozens of utilities about the crypto world. From creating a liquidity pool, the importance of private sales, what NFTs are, the requirements to set up an nft game, among others. It also maintains close contact with citizens answering their questions and concerns. Few projects maintain such affective ties with their audience. QG believes in its community, trusts free information and adds value to the crypto world.

What is the use of being Holder of Quieroganar?

Each service is closely linked to a number of Tokens that the user must have in their wallet for the service.

Products Marketing

One of our specialties is project marketing services. You can access incredible discounts as a holder of QG tokens. Discounts depend on the number of tokens in your wallet. To hire Marketing services you are NOT required to have tokens but they can guarantee you a discount.

Online Academy

We are working on an online academy where users and holders of QG tokens have discounts for studying in their virtual classrooms. In turn, we work to create an alliance with different projects where this same goal is fulfilled.


Premium Services

We have different premium services. Among them, the private sale of projects that work with Quieroganar where only those who have X tokens in their wallet could participate. The acquisition/participation in special projects such as the purchase/sale of real estate, obtaining access to special channels, obtaining access to talks or conferences with leaders of the crypto sector, among others.

Value Project.

Quieroganar can be considered as a scalable product. This means that its value will increase. It not only acquires percentage savings from the works of Quieroganar, but from investments by its entire community. Over time, many entities will work with Quieroganar as part of its resources and products. Creating a volatile resource, whose value will always grow. The constant work and effort of the entire Quieroganar team will be reflected in the progress of the project and in your token.

Where to buy Want to win Audits?

Road Map


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